Miss Claire Professional Blusher palette


A girl's cosmetic collection is not complete without a good blush that is suited for all glamorous occasions. Add this Miss Claire Blush to your shopping list and flaunt your new look. This cheek blush comes in the shade of Pinkish Mauve. The Miss Claire Blush can be the perfect accessory to improve your look, as it is ultra-blendable, which means it blends well onto your skin, without creating uneven patches and gives you an even and smooth complexion. Also, as this blush comes with a rich texture, it melts onto your skin naturally and gives a neat finish. The Blush also contains refined color pigments that give a vibrant appearance whilst also helping the color to stay on for a long while, without fading away. You can apply this Blush without any hassles, as it feels light on your skin and does not thicken or make your skin feel greasy. Besides, this Blush will help you attain a look that looks fresh and bright throughout the day making your skin smoother and softer.


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